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Tungsten Oxide Nanowires A20 (20nm×10µm)

Tungsten Oxide Nanowires A20 (20nm×10µm)

$ 340.00

Catalog Number: NovaWire-WO-20
wet cake or dry powder

Novarials is offering this product at kilogram scale to industry users. Please contact us at for more information.


  • Near infrared (NIR) shielding window
  • Gas sensors
  • Humidity sensor
  • Smart windows
  • Information displays
  • Photochromic devices
  • Electrochromic devices
  • Gaschromic devices
  • Field emitter
  • Photocatalyst
  • Dye sensitized solar cells
  • CO2 fixation catalysts
  • High Tc Superconductivity
  • Optical modulation devices
  • Catalysts
  • Fireproof fiber
  • Pigment
  • Additive for anti-fouling paint and coating
  • Battery materials


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MSDS-NovaWire-WO-20-wet cake


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