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About us

Novarials Corporation was founded in 2010 to pursue the dreams of making high quality and precisely engineered inorganic nanowires at large scale via cost effective processes, of making revolutionary products and devices using these proprietary nanowires, and thus, of making significant contributions to the improvements of human living. The name of the Company is a word combined from "Nova" and "rials", in which "Nova" means novel, and "rials" is taken from materials, so Novarials Corporation means a New Materials Company. The company is headquartered in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Learn more about our company and our platform technologies, please visit

Novarials Corporation opens its online store,, in 2016 to offer our various nanostructured materials for academic and industrial customers. 

Our Mission is:

  • A leading nanomaterial inventor, manufacturer, processor, and supplier;
  • A key player and a leader in the coming nanotechnology era.

 Why do you want to buy from us?

When you buy nanomaterials from us, you are not just buying a nanomaterial, you buy a nanomaterial and a great reservoir of knowledge and expertise to backup your research and development. Our co-founder, Dr. Jiang is an expert on silver nanowires, since she began to make silver nanowires back in 1996. Our co-founder, Dr. Zhang, had been working in Hyperion Catalysis for over seven years (2003~2010), and is one of the few top carbon nanotube experts in the world. Novarials is the first nanotechnology company providing a wide spectrum of inorganic nanowires.

How to buy from us?

Search our online store is the easiest way. We are adding new nanomaterials constantly, please come back frequently and search something new.

What do we offer

Ceramic, semiconductor, metallic, and organic nanowires, nanotubes, nanorods, nanofibers, graphene and similar 2D nanomaterials, battery materials, and more are coming.

Company address

800 W Cummings Park, Suite 4600, Woburn, MA 01801

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Phone: (617)276-5642

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Choice One: via our Novarials Online Store using credit cards

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Choice Three: fax your PO to (781)995-0388

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Phone: (617)276-5642