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Novarials Corporation, a leading nanowire technology builder headquartered in Woburn, MA, has a technical leadership on the large scale and cost effective manufacturing of high-quality and precisely-engineered one-dimensional nanomaterials including ceramic nanowires, semiconducting nanowires, metallic nanowires, ceramic nanotubes, magnetic nanotubes and nanorings, etc. Currently we are offering over dozens of nanowire products. Our nanowire products are expected to have huge potentials in a variety of industries.

Using these unprecedented nanowires as basic building blocks, Novarials has developed three revolutionary platform technologies including Bendable Ceramic Paper Membranes, Flexible Hollow Fiber Membranes, and Ceramic Nanowire Battery Separators. These ceramic membranes, made of pure ceramic materials but still bendable/flexible, have significant commercial potentials in dozens of industries.

Novarials is offering our nanomaterials products for R&D use, please check our products. And also we are offering some nanowire products to industry partners at a very cost effective price, please send us an email if you are interested in using them at large scale (more than kilogram). In addition, Novarials is offering our proprietary technologies for licensing, please check our technologies.

Novaraisl is adding new products very often, please join our mailing list of new product introduction (send email to, subject: new product introduction list).

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