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Aluminum Oxide Nanowires A4 (4nm×1µm)

Aluminum Oxide Nanowires A4 (4nm×1µm)

$ 240.00

Catalog Number: NovaWire-AlO-4
colorless gel, or dry white powder

The product is prepared by hydrothermal growth, in which aluminum-containing precursor is treated in water at elevated temperature in a controlled environment. The as-prepared product from the hydrothermal process is gamma-AlOOH nanowires. Calcination at elevated temperature to convert to aluminum oxide nanowires also can be performed depending on customer’s need.

Novarials now supply this material at kilogram scale for industry users, please contact us at for price.

A recent research has demonstrated that alumina nanowires can increase the cycle life of lithium ion battery. Ref: In-situ surface modification to stabilize Ni-rich layered oxide cathode with functional electrolyte (Journal of Power Source 410-411(2019)115-123


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