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Copper Nanowires A2 (100nm×10µm)

Copper Nanowires A2 (100nm×10µm)

$ 390.00

Catalog Number: NovaWire-Cu-A2-RD
Diameter: ~100nm
red suspension, dispersed
Dispersion solvent: 
water, ETH, or IPA
Concentration: 10mg/ml


  • Building blocks for forming flexible and stable conductive networks as conductive films for flexible displays, touch screens, OLED, solar cells, touch sensors, E-paper, and smart windows etc.
  • Additive for enhancing current flow in battery, fuel cell, and supercapacitors.
  • Additive for forming 3D conductive networks for conductive polymers and ceramics for 
    ESD etc.
  • Additive for forming (flexible) 3D conductive network for EMI shielding gaskets.
  • Additive for making conductive paints, coatings, and glues.


Copper nanofibers, copper, metallic nanowires, metallic nanofibers, conductive nanowires, conductive nanofibers


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