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Novarials Silver Nanowire Product Highlights

Novarials Corporation manufactures and supplies a large family of high quality silver nanowires and nanowire-based products.

Silver nanowires (D: Diameter; L: Length)

Ultralong silver nanowires (for long range connection)

Short silver nanowires (for nanowire printing ink formation)

Silver nanowire dry powders or wet cake 

Silver nanowire inks

Silver nanowire transparent and conductive films (large rolls available)

Silver nanowire based smart films (large rolls available)

Silver nanowire membranes

Silver nanowire applications

  • Touch sensors
  • Solar cells
  • Transparent conductive films
  • Medical device coating
  • LED lighting
  • OLED lighting   

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Novarials also provide contract research for any silver particles, silver nanowires, inks, membranes. Please contact us at