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Bendable Ceramic Nanowire Membrane Technology (for licensing)

Using our premium nanowires, Novarials has developed a nanowire membrane technology platform - Bendable Ceramic Nanowire Membranes. Novarials has prepared over tens of nanowire membranes, which are porous and bendable like a paper. The following image is one of them.

(The above bendable ceramic sheet is made of pure ceramic nanowires, Yes, no organic binders, no organic polymers. It is just made of pure ceramic nanowires.)

Novarials ceramic nanowire membranes have potential applications in filtration and separation, thermal insulation, porous supporting substrate etc. Novarials is offering this technology platform for licensing. If you have interest in working with us to make them commercial products, please contact us. (President Xinjie Zhang,, (617)276-5642)

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