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Quantum Dots (CdSe/ZnS)

Quantum Dots (CdSe/ZnS)

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Novarials supplies high quality CdSe/ZnS quantum dots with red emission color (623nm, half peak width: 33nm) and green emission color (533nm, half peak width:23nm). Solvent: toluene, hexane and acrylic acid monomer. Concentration: 30wt% (green), 8wt% (red). The emission wavelength error : ±2nm. Surface function groups: oleic acid. Storage: 5-25℃. Shelf life: 12months.

Novarials also provides special order of quantum dots with a peak at 525nm, 560nm, 590nm, and 625nm at large quantity for industry use, please contact us at

Quantum Dots(QDS ) is a quasi zero dimension of nano materials, composed of a small number of atoms. Three dimensions of the quantum dot size are below 100nm , quantum dots is spherical , commonly made of semiconductor materials (usually by the IIB ~ VIA or IIIA ~ VA elements ), 2~20nm in diameter of nanoparticles. Quantum dot is a collection of atoms and molecules in nanoscale, can be composed of a semiconductor material, such as IIB. VIA group elements (such as CdS and CdSe, CdTe and ZnSe, etc.) or IIIA. VA group elements (such as InP, InAs), can also be composed of two or more than two kinds of semiconductor materials. As a kind of novel semiconductor nanomaterials, quantum dots have many unique properties, has become one of the most high-profile new materials industry today, can be widely used in touch display, light-emitting devices, solar cells, catalyst, biomarkers, and the biomedical sciences.


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